How We Work Together

Every website project is unique.  I’ve worked successfully with small business owners by committing time to fully understanding their business objectives. I look at other websites to get a feel for your competitors and understand your potential customers. I don’t charge silly amounts for this essential preparation.

I have worked across many different sectors

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Helping you create content

I am not just a visual or brand designer. The content of your website needs to make the right impact. I am very happy to help you prepare great content for your websites.

If you can provide me with your wording or ‘copy’ – excellent. Not sure what your website should say and how you should say it? No problem – it’s my job to understand what you offer and build a website that makes it all clear.

I can advise on using stock photos or bespoke imagery and videos.

I have 20+ years experience writing for the web, creating web graphics, designing branded websites which work well for visitors.

Together, we’ll get your message across and give your potential customers a great experience of your brand.

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How does it work?

A great start is to chat by phone, Skype/Facetime or in person. This is to discuss your requirements and make sure I am a good match for your needs.

Before starting on your website we’ll meet again to go through plans in detail. This is important so that I fully understand your business. It’s also sets out what I’ll need from you in order to represent your business well on the website.

We talk about what can be achieved within your budget.

We are likely to cover, for example:

  • branding
  • business objectives
  • how your website seeks to meet your objectives
  • your marketing strategy
  • budget
  • details about your product or service
  • who are your ideal customers and following on from that –
  • what words would your customers use to find your services via search engine

Then we plan your site together.

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If that sounds good...

Get in touch via this website or give me a ring:

07780 872274


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