About Seajar Digital

About Seajar Digital

Website Design, Digital Consultancy and Content Strategy

My name is Cress Rolfe and I’m based in Christchurch, Dorset. I have 15 years experience with web communications – digital content and campaigns, website project management, team building, recruiting and training staff.

I provide websites for small and medium-sized businesses, also advising on marketing strategy and social media use.

For larger organisations I provide consultancy on their content strategy, and assist with the planning and implementation of website ‘refresh’ projects.

Website Design

I have many years’ experience building small and large websites. Since its inception in 2013 Seajar has been creating small business websites for customers, mostly using WordPress and providing them with an affordable yet professional online presence. Feedback has been fantastic with all my clients appreciating my wide experience with graphics and imagery, copywriting and SEO as well as the technical ‘build’ side.

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Consultant for Digital Communications Projects

There is a never-ending list of stuff to know about digital communications, and no individual ‘knows it all’.  There are also hundreds of companies offering advice on digital strategies.  Because of my background working ‘client-side’ I believe I am offering something different from most digital agencies.

I have a good sense of the bigger picture involved in planning for and maintaining online content. I have had the opportunity to work on large-scale websites over some time, and the particular needs of these large sites are my passion.  I believe some of the stuff I’ve learnt also applies equally to small and medium sized businesses and can help save time and money.

The intricacies of content-rich websites and what goes into them (and what comes out!) can be overwhelming. Add to this the ‘organic’ nature of online content with numerous contributors and editorial models, and it becomes clear that some principles for sensible management are really important. Now, when some businesses are approaching ten-years plus of builds, developments, changes, there are fundamentals emerging that you can apply to help your business.

Let me me know if I can help you with your digital strategy, content-management system or website specification.

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Career Experience:

My career experience spans the public and private sector, retail and wholesale marketing, website management, project management, digital marketing.

Prior to moving into ‘new media’ in 2000, I had the great fortune of working for ten years in various roles in one the biggest names in book publishing, Penguin Books, which informed my understanding of the processes of large organisations for marketing and communications.

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