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In Feb 2014 I gave a ‘lightning talk’ at the London Agile Content Meetup at the Book Club, Shoreditch


Alone in Berlin – Echoes of Twitter

Hans Fallader wrote Alone in Berlin in several months of ill-health before his death in 1947.  Living through the Second World War and being imprisoned, the novelist was heavily influenced by the climate of fear he experienced during Nazi rule. A brilliantly uncomfortable book, it shows the effect of the Gestapo on everyday folk in Berlin, where paranoia and distrust

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Old School Categories and Tagging

When I worked at Penguin Books in the 1990s, I was fortunate to work with an inspirational person whose job it was (from a darkened office deep in London W8) to manage the publishers’ full fiction and non-fiction stocklists. These chunky A4 booklets were printed on a monthly basis and needed to take into account every single available title and

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