Your Digital Team

Your Digital Team

There’s a lot to consider when you are managing your website and social media channels, especially when the bar is being raised all the time and trends come and go. As an experienced digital professional I have a lot of sympathy for the challenges faced by in-house teams, and can actively advise on how to get your team working as smartly as possible.

Some examples of what we could discuss in more detail:

  • Don’t get bogged down but keep a close eye on what you do, for who, and why.
  • Your web staff need to understand your business targets and have clear objectives set in line with these
  • Times change and skillsets need to adapt – how best to cover this
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns – how good a handle do your staff have on this?
  • Measuring your website’s main objectives and setting KPIs
  • Documenting what worked – is it really necessary?

In-house Web Team Consultation

Contact me for a consultation built around the needs of your in-house team.

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