Website Project-Management

Website Project-Management

Scoping and planning your web project

All website projects need careful planning. Even the smallest site can take far longer than expected to finish, and also cost much more – if not properly managed. Large scale website builds and CMS configurations are even more notoriously complex and time-consuming. After all, you are building a tool to manage your online activities in future, something that has to be scalable and built to cater for many ‘what-ifs’.

I have the necessary experience in the project-management of large scale websites to advise you upfront or help things along smoothly. From business case rationale through to wireframing, design, build, testing and full integration with training and guidelines for your staff.

Whether you are an agency looking to pitch who need an extra brain, or a business wondering what you are getting yourself into, I can help.

Pre-Project Consultation

Sometimes a consultancy session before going out to tender for the work can advise you on what to avoid and what to embrace. For an initial outlay you get to grips with the details of the task in hand.  Mapping this out clearly in advance can save you time and money.

I can also help you put together specifications for web projects, helping you ensure the work delivered adheres to web standards and will be fit for purpose.

Flexible website project-management

Has your project already got the go-ahead? I can work flexibly to project-manage your initiative (perhaps liaising with a third-party development team) Рconsulting with your in-house staff all the way and getting their input Рbut leaving them free to get on with the day to day running of the business.

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