Subverting the Social Graph

Subverting the Social Graph

Subverting the Social Graph

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I am not the only digital or technical professional out of the radar of ‘the social graph’ – meaning the level of influence I have online is pretty minimal. If you look for information about me, or published by me online there is currently very little. This after fifteen years working in digital media. Does this mean that I’m not dedicated, up-to-date, knowledgeable or opinionated about most aspects of digital communications? No.

I was simply too busy as a working mum and partner, to prioritise expanding my online profile. I did not value how often my name and thoughts might have been bandied around or recommended by others on the web. I believed more in improving myself, than in courting strangers’ opinions of me. And I still do!

Although I know my stuff and lead teams and projects confidently, I’m inherently more of a natural introvert and pretty shy ‘broadcasting’ to an anonymous audience. Coupled with being part of the Trumpet Winsock generation* and its natural reticence for blatant self-promotion, this has held me back from much social interaction online.

Now, establishing my own digital communications consultancy I’m aware of the irony that all this really has to change!

I had toyed with deliberately subverting the social graph and remaining a mysterious hidden figure – but clearly this would be a wee bit counterproductive. After all, why should people and prospective clients believe in me, unless I give them reason to – time to join in (even at this late date) the melee.

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(* Trumpet Winsock was what people connecting to the internet in 1997 used, when you fired this up and could hear the sweetly chuntering dial-up connection putting you in touch with the early web. Could be anyone born before 1985 really.)

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