Specifications: Getting the spec right


Specifications – making it clear from the start

Are you planning to use an agency to delivery your project? There are many fantastic agencies out there brimming with energy, creativity and technical ability.  You may use them successfully for campaign work.  But how much time do they have to really understand your business for larger projects?

Your spec will be dictated by your content strategy but also by more technical aspects such as your IT infrastructure, budget, choice of content-management system and your in-house resources.

This is where my experience as an in-house web manager can really help your project.

Digital projects can vary hugely in time and complexity.  Do you know what you are getting into?  How will the plan pan out over time and how will it mesh with in-house processes? Getting the spec right is half the battle.

Do you know how to set up a specification that ensures the work delivered is future-proofed, usable, accessible and findable by Google?

Website Project Specifications and Briefings

I can help with comprehensive specifications for all aspects of website builds. We can discuss the details you may not have time to cover (or the particular expertise to lend to), but which is essential to ensure what you get is fit for purpose and best value for your business.

Contact me for an initial chat about your needs in terms of website project specifications.

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