Project: Website for Timber-Frame Construction Business

Project: Website for Timber-Frame Construction Business

Project: Website for Timber-Frame Construction Business

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Quick Construction and a Great Team!

It’s great to work on a project which comes together quickly and you can see results within weeks rather than months. This can sometimes depend on the size of the website required of course, but is also is heavily influenced by how much vision the client has of the business or initiative they want promoting. The more they know what they want to say and how, the easier a designer’s job.

I’ve just finished a site for a new local business here on the Dorset/Hampshire borders, bespoke timberframe construction company, Freedom Design and Construction who are based in Fordingbridge near Salisbury.

It’s run by Simon Hodges and Steph Gould. Their offering is very much about the experience they bring to the table from their combined 30 years in the industry. And, as they stressed at our first meeting, about the way they want to do business – in a professional, collaborative and creative manner. They wanted their website to be easy to read and to understand.

I’d agree with that ethos as well – and hoped I could live up to it.

Their approach was evident in how positive they were with ideas and proposals and in how they fed through the information as I built the site. Of course in their line of business they are acutely aware of the necessity of good project-management, planning and efficient organisation. They were fully involved despite clearly having other less ‘virtual’ commitments as they were in the midst of setting out their new workshop unit. Most phone conversations were punctuated by loud banging and sawing!

Here’s a sample screenshot from the completed site:

screenshot of timberframe website

We are delighted with the website…a fantastic job!
Steph Gould, Freedom Design & Construction Ltd

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