Analytics, Measurement and KPIs

Analytics, Measurement and KPIs

Demystify the dark art of website analytics!

Using website analytics is fundamental to your business intelligence. It’s often easier to rush on blindly, as the next project is around the corner and needed yesterday. And web analytics is seen as a bit of a dark art which can swallow whole months let alone days.

Most organisations don’t quite know how to get the best from their website analytics. Should you invest in your own staff, or get an expert in? What kind of training is required?

And configuring and installing your analytics package is just the start. How should you manage the implications of your new knowledge once data is being revealed? What are the best metrics to use for your situation? And who in the business needs to know?

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

I understand how sales and marketing objectives translate into web content. I can help you identify KPIs across your site, and suggest how you might set up your content and the necessary analytics to measure them.

I do not claim to be a full-on web analytics expert, but I can explain best practice, hopefully demystify the whole subject, and point you in the right direction. If you are considering any of the above, let’s have a chat.

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