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I’ve designed and run websites for an inner-London local authority and a South Coast University. Huge, information-rich sites serving multiple audiences, which have complex organisations behind them.

They employed teams of communication and marketing professionals to fine-tune and distill their messages. Quite often this came down to encouraging a ‘culture of thinking and planning’ about what can be used or what can be created by a broad range of staff from different organisational disciplines and departments. They sometimes fed on recognised events calendars that created a kind of editorial schedule, but also had to react quickly to unexpected turns, or new opportunities.

Since starting to work for myself, I’ve had a chance to look at the challenges for smaller companies and how this pans out when your staff are experts in their offering but simply are not immersed in marketing communications or obsessed by audience demographics.

Seajar Digital recently completely ‘refurbished’ the website of a niche small business. Pride & Joy Classic Cars are a highly reputable restorer of mainly post-war classic cars. The web build was all about defining the strengths of the firm: their experience of particular marques and specific technical expertise. The new site evidences this and explains the services they offer.

The ongoing content strategy concentrates not just on showing off the products as they work on them (organising great photography of gleaming restored classics) but also looking for human interest, feel-good stories about successes, whether this is getting a historic car back on the road or getting an award for a first-time concours entrant.

These are two quite straightforward things which I have suggested Pride & Joy’s restoration team keep in mind whilst providing their usual great customer service. Keep thinking about these and the opportunities for keeping the website content fresh will just happen!

The basics are usually the same:

  • What exactly are your business objectives? Work out how your overall online communications will help you meet them.
  • You need to think about what your customers need, want and expect. What channels will serve those things best, this should help tell you whether to concentrate time on your website, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
  • How can you create the right content for your customers – the copy, images, videos which are relevant, and get the timing right for any events or topical marketing?
  • Are you aiming at expanding into new products / new markets? Where does that take you – where are your customers browsing already and how can you reach them?
  • Think about the potential of existing customers – do you keep a mailing list so that you can contact them with offers or entice them with repeat business?

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